Ramona Sentinel: If it’s Thursday, it’s Open Mic Night at Kenrix Sushi & Co.

4120564508_6811f9113a Kenrix Sushi & Co. at 2330 Main St. has Open Mic Night every Thursday night.
Presented by Ramona Music Center, the weekly event features entertainment by local musicians from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Musicians interested in singing or playing just show up at 6 p.m. and put their names on the list.
“Everyone is equal and even,” said Jon Hasz, owner of Ramona Music Center. “We want to provide an outlet for musicians.”
Ramona used to have open mic nights at another business a few years ago, and “we want to bring the tradition of open mic night back to Ramona,” said Hasz. “All ages of kids and adults can come in and showcase their music.”
When asked how open mic night came to be, Hasz said, “I did some work for the owners of Kenrix, audio stuff, then just started talking to them. And they seemed like an enthusiastic couple willing to do that,” said Hasz. The McCluskey family all said, “Let’s do it.”
“I think Jon Hasz at the music store is brilliant,” said Jama McCluskey, owner of the family business with husband Rick and daughter Harlee. “He has done work for us at the cowgirl fashion show here in Ramona, so I can always say, the man is just brilliant.” said Jama McCluskey,
“Open mic night was built out of necessity to build an outlet for musicians,” said Hasz.
And it “Gives people of all ages a place to hang out.” McCluskey said. “It provides people with an outlet and gives the youth something to do”
“Beginning in the middle of the week is good,” said Hasz. “It starts the weekend off early.”
Kenrix offers lower priced menu items such as drink specials, $5 rolls and calamari appetizers.
“Nov. 20 was the first open mic, and when I left I was in tears because I was so impressed with the talent and the whole idea behind it,” said Jama McCluskey. “I can honestly say, I know nothing of the music industry, but the talent that is in this town is incredible.”
“There’s something in the air,” said Hasz “I was blown away by the first open mic. The gratitude that people have for live music in this town is unbelievable.”
The second open mic, on Dec. 3, “was incredible!” said Jama McCluskey. “The variety of people who sang last night was amazing. It was really cool.”
“There may be a lack of events in Ramona, but no lack of enthusiasm and culture in Ramona,” said Hasz. “Hopefully other people come and will fill in the need.”

Published 12/10/2009 – 10:32 a.m.
Musicians entertain during Open Mic Night in Kenrix Sushi & Co. at 2330 Main St. last Thursday.
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