Importing for Mixing Session Tips!

1) Print your tracks DRY without any reverb, delay, etc. Avoid inline processing like compression and EQ as much as possible. If you autotune any vocals, please tell me.

2) Do all of your editing including vocal comps, copying choruses, etc.

3) Consolidate all your tracks. If you don’t know how to do this, there are instructions for most DAW recording programs at the end of this document. They should all start at the exact same place and be the same length so that if you import all tracks at the start of the song they will all play back in sync. All audio files should be the same size, with stereo tracks being twice the file size. The number of files you deliver should be equal to the number of tracks (ie. if you have 68 tracks in your recording, I should get 68 audio files that are all the SAME LENGTH). If you have the option in your program, please try and keep mono files mono and stereo files stereo.

4) Properly label your tracks! Don’t send me ‘track1.wav’, ‘track2.wav’. Label tracks appropriately like, ‘piano’, ‘snare’, ‘chorus vox hi’, ‘V. bkgnd vox’, ‘intro talk’, etc. so I don’t waste your time trying to figure out what is what.

5) Preferred format is WAV or Broadcast WAV, 24bits, 44.1kHz. If you tracked your song at only 16 bits, then keep it at 16 bits – do not convert. If you tracked your song at 48kHz, then keep it at 48kHz. I do not recommend 88.2 or 96kHz without discussing it with me first. Do not send AIFF files unless you have to. Do not send outdated and problematic formats like SD2.

6) Please include the following when delivering your tracks: a) the consolidated files. B) rough mix if you have one. C) notes including the file format for the tracks, and anything else such as what was used to record, problem areas (someone’s cell phone went off on the cowbell track at 2:13!), etc.

7) ZIP or RAR all your files and upload them via secure FTP (I will set up a secure folder, username and password for you) DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS! Only send copies; or if you send the original then make sure you have your own backup copy! I’m not responsible if stuff gets lost or blows up or the mailman just decides to keep your package for some reason.

8) LABEL EVERYTHING! Packages, cases, discs… everything. Please including the phone number of the recording engineer in case there are any problems.

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