Introducing the P-rails pickup!

>We recieved our first shipment a couple months ago from our new Seymour Duncan dealership with much anticipation. With awe, we opened up the shipment of very foreign objects shaped like humbuckers, but having none of those familiar features. this was our first brush with the Prails pickup.

New in 08 from Seymour, they are a hybrid between a P90, single coil, and a humbucker with modest variants of all. After watching countless videos and promotions, we dicided to jump in and order. Apparently we weren’t the only one’s. A longtime friend of the store, Bob Sheppard, caught the bug also and put our first pair on hold. We are very thankful to him for turning to us to help him in this tone discovery.

We installed them ( one bridge, one neck) this week alongside two new coil splitting tone pots and were very eager to plug the new beast in. The push pull pots allow for P-90 only, single coil only, and humbucker in either series or parallel. The tonal spectrum available was great from the first strum.

We now have 4 more pairs on order for myself, and other curious musicians so feel free to ask us for a demo or more information.

Magnet: two Alnico 5 bars
Cable: four-conductor
USA MSRP: $129 individually, $248 neck and bridge set.
Our Price: $99 each, $189 set.


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