Sandy Burney has been taking lessons at Ramona Music Center for drums, bass, and guitar since we first opened. Her focus and passion was clear then and has only gained momentum. She inspires others and enjoys playing with musicians all over town now!

Age: 67 Instrument (s):Bass Guitar, Guitar

Teacher: Jon Hasz

Duration playing instrument(s): 6 years

Favorite Song / Band: Led Zeppelin and Winery Dogs

Musical Hero / Idol: Billy Sheehan and Rhonda Smith

Hardest thing you’ve learned in music thus far:

The hardest thing I have learned so far is to look at the “big picture” and not to focus on the individual notes. For example: Is the riff you want to play part of a scale? Most likely it is. What scale is it? How do the notes relate? What is the best way to play it? The hardest song I have learned is Whipping Post by The Allman Brothers.

What motivates you to keep playing / practicing?

Music, especially bass guitar, is fun. It’s fun to play with other people and really nail a song. I now play bass guitar for Grace Community Church almost every week and look forward to it each time. I have a whole new group of friends because of music.

What would you say to encourage others to learn music?

Music is just plain fun. It is hard work, too, but the work is worth it. The sense of accomplishment and the challenges are things I relish. I took up these instruments as a senior, but had I known how much I would enjoy it I would have done that long ago.
Play on Sandy!

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