Last Friday Sponsors! Free show once a month at the Ramona Mainstage

We are trying to bring new, exciting artists to Main Street on a monthly basis and we need your help. Since these concerts at Ramona Mainstage will be open to all ages and no tickets required, we are trying a new way to keep the artists funded.

If a handful of people support each month, we can bring new artists from all over the country to our small town and our top notch venue for year round music. As we get more sponsors, we can draw bigger artists and pay for crew needed for the bigger shows.¬† For less than a Starbucks drink a month, you can help support the up and coming music scene, and help provide free entertainment to our community. Most importantly, your contribution creates a safe, fun environment¬†for Ramona’s youth one Friday a month.

All sponsors will be named on our website and sponsors of $20 or more will make it on all event promos!

. 37 Sponsors

Thank you to:

Aubry Leigh

Craig Fisher

Robert Reber

Sandy Burney

The Ross Family

Ramona Chiropractor and Michael Odell

Allen Sulzen

Orrin Day

Grace Care Management and Cindy Hasz

Zane Puckett

Brenda Caster

Dusty Recor

Eleph Neave

Gavin Crary

Garret Brown

Gunner Turner

Cheers-Matt and Michelle Rains

John Hancock photography

Tracy Engel

Mike Wiland

Leah Keane

Debra Worthen

Michelle Sund