Mixture of Music is Rocking Ramona — Tracy Rolling

Each year, the number of talented musicians in and around Ramona increases, bringing inspiration and entertainment to residents and visitors alike. 

According to Jon Hasz of Ramona Music Center, “It’s been a huge 
year for musicians and music lovers in Ramona.” 

Hasz explains that the music scene is growing at an exponential rate. With more and more budding musicians — and venues willing to host concerts and open-mic events — the community is reaping the rewards. 

“We have live music playing in Ramona seven nights a week,” says Hasz, telling how the content ranges from original to cover bands, tribute bands, reggae, country, rock, salsa and more. 

Four days a week, live music is offered at D’Carlos On the Patio. It’s geared toward patrons of all ages and is free to restaurant-goers. 

The Par Lounge, Cheers of Ramona, Way Point Saloon and a few wineries offer a medley of melodies on the weekends. 

“We have a free concert series on the last Friday of every month at Ramona Mainstage,” Hasz adds. Open to guests of all ages, concerts are sponsored by music lovers and a handful of local businesses. 

Hasz suggests it’s unfortunate when young people haven’t had an opportunity to attend a live concert.

“If they don’t have examples, how do they know what it might be like?” he asks. 

An updated calendar and a list of music event sponsors may be found online at www.ramonamusiccenter.com.

In addition to regularly scheduled concerts, local organizations also host such annual events as Ramona Music Fest in the spring, summer concerts at several locations, music and entertainment at Ramona Library and the Ramona Country Fair, and four concerts presented by the Ramona Concert Association during its upcoming 2019-20 season. 

Hasz maintains that music promotes a diverse cultural experience. 

“It’s very inspiring to see this much music in town,” he says. “People should really get out and enjoy it.”

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