Lessons are in 30 min blocks, once a week  but adjustments can be arranged.
We have 5 lesson rooms with various equipment but please bring your own guitar, ukelele, banjo, cello, mandolin, or violin. Drums, pianos and amps are provided.

Each teacher has slightly different policies and payment options but charge $30-35 per lesson with no long term contract. 

We offer lessons through multiple Charter Schools including  Julian Charter and Pacific Coast Academy. Please email us if you are interested in signing up through these school at RamonaMusicCenter@yahoo.com

Pacific Coast Academy   13915 Danielson Street, Suite 200   Poway, CA 92064      Phone: (619) 215-0704

Julian Charter School  1704 Cape Horn Ave   Julian, CA 92036    (760) 765-3847  info@jcs-inc.org

Cabrillo Point Academy  13915 Danielson St. #200, Poway, CA 92064   (619) 782-6464

Dove Linkhorn

Available Mon, Thurs,Fri, and Sat. Call 760-789-3154 to book today!

Drum Instruction:

Dove is a Musician, Composer, Teacher and Studio Producer and Engineer who has worked professionally for over 30 years in LA, Las Vegas and San Diego. Dove has played drums in numerous shows and bands in all kinds of venues…Casinos, Clubs, Concerts etc. After years of teaching and writing out exercises and song grooves for his students, Dove wrote a series of graduated drums instruction books called Independence for the Modern Drummer. From absolute beginner to the advanced player, this series builds independence skills while the student is playing actual song groove patterns.
He teaches at the drum kit with the emphasis that playing music suppose to be fun!