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Group A with chord progressions: I IV I V I

i.e.) In the Key of G: G..C..G..D..G

1. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Key of G)…D%3D19919

2. Do Lord (Key: G)…ID%3D3902

3. Nine Pound Hammer (Key: G)

4. I’ll Fly Away..backing track: Key of G)…icid=4797

5. Worried Man Blues (Key of G)

6. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder (Verse) (..Chorus is in Group B) (Key: G)…sicID=756

7. When You Go Walking (Key of G)…e=related

8. Take Me In Your Lifeboat

9. Uncloudy Day (Verse) (Chorus is in Group B) (Key of G)…e=related

10. White House Blues (Key of A)…e=related

11. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

12. Mountain Dew (Key of G)…icID=1921

13. One Day At A Time (3/4) (Chorus) (Verse is in Group B)

14. Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Verse + Chorus = I IV I V I) (Key of G)…e=related

15. I Saw The Light

16. Long Journey Home ($2 Bill) (Key: G)…cID=10068

17. Don’t This Road Look Rough & Rocky (Verse)

18. Bury Me Beneath The Willow (Key:Bb)…D%3D19511

19. Your Love Is Like A Flower (Key: Bb)…sicID=776

20. A Beautiful Life (Verse) (..Chorus starts I IV V I..) (4/4)

21. You Can Have Her (Key of G)

22. Are You Washed In The Blood (Key of G) (Verse is in Group B – Chorus is in Group A) (6423)

23. You Go To Your Church & ll Go To Mine

24. Lord, Im Coming Home (3/4) (Key of C)…e=related

25. Daddy Sang Bass (Verse) (.. Ch. ENDS on I IV I IV I V I)

26. Paradise (3/4) (Key: E)…D%3D17297

27. Crying Holy

28. Children Go Where I Send Thee

29. Precious Memories (Verse) (Chorus is in Group C)

30. In The Pines (3/4) (Key: G)……D%3D10315

31. Amazing Grace (3/4)

32. Angel Band (3/4) (Verse) (..Chorus starts V I V I) (Key: G)…icID=3890 (Key: D)…cID=11871

33. Cabin In Caroline (Verse) (..Chorus goes quickly to IV) (Key of G)…icID=3863

34. Back To The Cross (Key of A)

35. Amanda (3/4)

36. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (I IV I V I)x2 V (I IV I V I)x2 (Key: G)…cID=12315

37. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (Key of G)…icID=6426

38. I’ll Never Shed Another Tear (Key of G)

39. Gold Watch and Chain (Chorus & Verse go quickly to IV chord)

40. Molly and Tenbrooks (I IV I V I V I) (Key of B flat)

41. On and On (Key of G)…D%3D16514

42. Big Ball In Boston

43. A Little At A Time (Verse) (..Chorus starts IV I V I ..)

44. Blue Moon Of Kentucky [Originally 3/4, often played 3/4 then 4/4](Bridge goes quickly to IV) (Key: A) (8388)

45. Home Sweet Home (Key: C)…D%3D20747

46. Wreck Of The Old ’97 (Key: G)…icID=6211

47. Y’All Come (Verse) (..Last Chorus sometimes ENDS on I IV V I) (Key of G)…e=related

48. In The Gravel Yard (Key of A)…sicID=397

49. I’ve Waited As Long As I Can

50. Cripple Creek (Part A: I IV I V I) (Part B is Two Chord: I V)

Group B with chord progressions: I V I IV I V I

i.e.) In the Key of G: G..D..G..C..G..D..G

1. She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain (Key of G)

2. Banks of the Ohio (Key: C..modulates to G..then back toC)…ID%3D7659

3. When The Saints Go Marching In

4. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (I V I IV V I) (Key of A) (3537)

5. Will You Be Loving Another Man

6. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder (Chorus) (..Verse is in Group A) (Key: G)…sicID=756

7. Mama Don’t ‘Low (Key of A)

8. Old Time Religion (Key of G)…icID=3024

9. Uncloudy Day (Chorus: I II V I IV I V I) (Verse is Group A) (Key of G)…e=related

10. Red River Valley (Key: G)…cID=10623

11. Katy Kline (Cline) (Key of A)

12. New River Train (Key: G)…D%3D18146

13. One Day At A Time (3/4) (Verse) (Chorus is in Group A)

14. Why Dont You Tell Me So (Verse) (..Chorus starts on IV) (Key of A)

15. Take This Hammer (Key: G)…icID=9305

16. Happy Birthday (3/4) (Key: G)…cID=14168

17. Will There Be Any Stars (Chorus) (Verse is in Group D)

18. Think Of What You’ve Done (Verse) (..Chorus starts on IV) (Key of B)

19. River Of Jordan (Chorus) (…Verse starts out I V I V.) (Key of A)

20. Trouble In Mind

21. Cindy (Verse) (Chorus is in Group C)

22. Who Will Sing For Me (Chorus starts on V) (Verse in in Group C)

23. The Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake (3/4)(Chorus)(Verse is in Group A)

24. Born To Be With You (I V V7 I I7 IV I V I) ( Key of B)

25. In The Sweet By and By (Chorus) (Verse is in Group A)(Key of G)…sicID=265…icID=1749 (Key of D)…icID=2265

Group C chord progressions: I IV I IV I V I

i.e.) In the Key of G: G..C..G..C..G..D..G

1. You Are My Sunshine (Key of G):…icID=6550

2. Lonesome Road Blues (Key of G) (8860)

3. Roll On Buddy (Key of A)

4. East Virginia Blues ( Key of G)…e=related (Another version in Key of B flat)…e=related

5. Rawhide

6. Little Glass Of Wine (Key of D)…icID=7775

7. Cindy (Chorus) (Verse is in Group B)

8. The Old Rugged Cross (6/8) (Chorus goes quickly to V) (Verse is in Group D) (Key of G) (8837)

9. Who Will Sing For Me (Verse) (Chorus is in Group B & starts on V)

10. Lonesome River (Verse) (Chorus is 2 chord: I V) (Key of E)

11. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (I IV I IV I V I) (I IV I V I)x2 (I IV I IV I V I) (Key of D)

12. The Alphabet Song (Same as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

13. Baa Baa Black Sheep (Same as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

14. Precious Memories (Chorus) (Verse is in Group A)

15. I’m Not Lisa (Verse) (Chorus is in Group D)

16. Roving Gambler (sometimes played as two chord: I IV; often played as 3 chord: I IV I IV I V I) is a 3 chord version in the Key of A):

17. The Last Thing On My Mind (Verse) (Chorus begins on V IV ..and is in Group A above)

18. Alabama (3/4)

19. John Hardy (begins on IV…I IV I IV I V I)

20. Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow (Key of A)

21. Going Down This Road Feeling Bad

22. Banjo Picking Girl (Key of B flat)

23. I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home (I IV I IV I II V I) (Key of G)…icID=6374

24. House Of Gold (key of E)…icID=9184

25. Jesus Savior Pilot me (I IV I IV I V I)(I V I V I)(I IV I IV I V I) (key of D)…e=related

Group D chord progressions: I IV V I

i.e.) In the Key of G: G..C..D..G

1. Blue Ridge Cabin Home (Key: G)…icID=2961 (Key: B)…cID=15789

2. If I Lose (Verse)(..Chorus starts I V I V…)(Key of A)…e=related

3. Walk Through This World With Me

4. Man of Constant Sorrow (Key of G):…sicID=260

5. (My) Little Home In Tennessee (Verse) (..Ch. starts V I II[7] V)

6. We’ll Meet Again Sweetheart (Key of B)

7. Is It Too Late Now

8. Give Me Forty Acres

9. I’m Using My Bible For A Roadmap (Verse)(Ch. goes quickly to V .. I II V) (Key of A)

10. Teardrops In My Eyes (Verse) (Chorus starts V I II V..) (Key of B flat)

11. Great Speckled Bird (Key:G)…sicID=836

12. I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes (Key: G)…sicID=836

13. The Wild Side of Life (key: G)…sicID=836

14. It Wasnt God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels (Key: G)…sicID=836

15. Footprints In The Snow (Verse)(..Chorus starts I V I IV .)

16. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (Verse) (Chorus starts IV I V I..)

17. Wabash Cannonball (Key: G)…ID%3D8339…icID=6309

18. Come On Down To My World (Verse) (..Chorus: I IV V IV V I..)

19. Even Now

20. The Old Rugged Cross (6/8) (Verse)(Chorus goes quickly to V & is in Group C)

21. This Morning At Nine (Key of G)

22. Another Night

23. Alabama Bound

24. Storms Never Last

25. Life Of Sorrow 26. Mr.Engineer (Song starts on IV)

Two Chord: I V except as indicated

1. Crazy Heart (key of Bb)…sicID=447

2. Kentucky Girl (Key of A)

3. The Legend Of The Rebel Soldier (Ea. Verse 2 chord: Key of G, then A then Key of C):

4. Palms of Victory

5. I’ll Go Steppin Too

6. Little Birdie (Key of G) (8195)

7. Katy Daley (Key of A)…styleID=3

8. Somehow Tonight (Key of B)

9. Tom Dooley (Key of G) (11514)

10. Skip To My Lou (key: D)…icID=5437


1. Chord Progression: I V I V I IV I V I :

……Wildwood Flower (keys: C..then G)…ID%3D8317 (Keys: G,G,F,C)…icID=7257 (key: F) after Old Gospel Ship…:…icID=4860

……Careless Love (Key of A)…icID=1876

……Drifting Too Far From The Shore – (3/4) – Verse (Chorus starts on IV then I V I IV I V I) (Key of A)…icID=6699

……Rosewood Casket (Little Rosewood Casket)(Key of D)…cID=12984

2. Chord Progression: I VI II V I :

……I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome (Chorus and Verses start on VI)

……Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down (Chorus and verses start on VI)

……Salty Dog Blues

3. Blackberry Blossom (Key of G)(Part A: G D C G C G A D .. G D C G C G D G)x2 (Part B: Em B7 Em C G D G)x2

4. Chord Progressiosns I V I IV I IV I V I

……Dark Hollow (I V I IV I I(7) IV I V I)

……I Am A Pilgrim (Key: G)…D%3D18325

……Toy Heart

……More Pretty Girls Than One

……I’ve Been All Around This World (Key: C) C[10] G[2] C[2] F[2] C[2] F[4] C[4] G[2] C[4]…cID=10300

5. Sanctuary (I V IV I) V (I V IV I) (Key of A)…e=related

6. The Old Home Place (Verse: I III IV I V I) (Chorus begins V I II V…) (Key of A) http:…cID=12218

7. Love, Please Come Home (I VII flat IV) (I IV I V I)

8. Oh Susannah (Verse: I V I V I) (Chorus: IV I V I V I) [i.e..This song is essentially a two chord song [I V] except for the IV chord start of the chorus: “Oh Susannah“]

9. Chord Progression: (I V I IV V I):

….Goodnight Irene (3/4)

….Blue Ridge Mtn Blues – Chorus (Verse is 2 chord)

….A Hundred Years From Now

….Martha White Theme Song (Key of C)…icID=3127

10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown (G Em G Em G D G)…e=related

I have noticed there are different takes on some songs. I have tried to present the most simple chord progressions to these songs … beginner type of approach. If you see an error in these lists or have any suggestions please let me know and I will post accordingly.


Katy, TX


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